Petra Biermann

Head of research
p [dot] biermann [at] w-g-e [dot] eu

Petra Biermann was born in 1972 in Herford. Nationality: German.

She earned her master’s degree in German language and literature, history and sociology at the University of Bielefeld. During this time, she worked intensively on subjects such as identity, nationalism and integration and has been living in Berlin since 2010. .

Among other things, she developed the contents of historical exhibitions for the Widukind Museum Enger. She worked for the museum MARTa in Herford when it was founded under the direction of Jan Hoet.

For some years she has been working in different parts of the book market.

Europe lies very close to her heart and she believes it presents a challenge for every European: specifically, the process of European integration holds opportunities, possibilities, problems and conflicts – changing and changes of (living) conditions for every country and every person. The project strives to identity them in numerous ways. Here, she sees an exciting and great opportunity to get know each other better.

Apart from developing the content, she is responsible for planning and organizing the conferences and selecting the participants.



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Project Direction
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