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Paul Hossfeld was born in Berlin in 1978 as the son of a French mother of Italian descent and a German father.
He grew up bilingual in both Germany and France with both cultures. In 1998, he completed his university entrance qualification in Berlin. After completing his civilian service, he moved to France to study art at the National School of Fine Arts École supérieure des Beaux-Arts.
During his studies, he participated in various workshops and exhibitions at the Bauhaus University in Weimar (Germany), the Academy of Art in Nabeul (Tunisia) and the Fine Art Institute in Chongqing (China) among others.
As part of his diploma thesis, Paul Hossfeld put several pieces of his work on exhibit at the modern and contemporary art museum Les Abattoirs in Toulouse (France).
Paul Hofffeld‘s biographical and artistic international focus can be seen throughout all of the exhibition projects he initiated and participated in. From a very early stage, Paul Hossfeld attracted keen financial interest from several institutions, such as the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Agriculture, CultureFrance, DRAC Midi-Pyrénées, DRAC Aquitaine and FRAC Aquitaine, which allowed him to implement all of the projects he set his sights on.
He participated in the European project Land(e)scape, which was initiated by the NYRT Art Association in which he contributed to exhibitions in Germany, Slovenia and Italy. In 2008, Paul Hossfeld showcased his works in an individual exhibition in Berlin, with another individual exhibition following in Bergerac, France in 2010. Both exhibitions drew a high level of media attention from the press and television.
Since completing his studies, Paul has lived and worked in Berlin and France.


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