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May 17, 2013 at 6 the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCS), 1 Place Hans Jean Arp in Strasbourg:

WARRIORS – GENERATION – EUROPE asks: Who are we and how do we want to live?

What are the challenges that this European generation now faces? No generation has ever had such obvious and easy access to opportunities to this extent as this generation has now. Individualism and flexibility are given the utmost importance. But what exactly does that mean for our lives? Precarious employment and living conditions tend to be the norm among young adults. The profusion of possibilities shrinks day after day, more and more selected paths turn into dead ends. Questions concerning equal opportunities, generation equality and future perspectives are elementary and current burning issues spanning European countries.

 What does the life of this generation look like – what defines it? What influences and shapes their lives and daily routines? What role does Europe play here? Are there cross-national similarities in terms of values, outlooks on life and lifestyles? What assumptions impact their decision-making? What is important to them and what do they want?

We are inviting people to the discussion who are professionally and passionately exploring and engaging Europe as well as our lives. They will provide the introduction illustrating their personal outlook on this generation and their Europe, its opportunities, possibilities and limits and hold discussions with each other and the audience. The debate will be moderated by Thomas Flagel, journalist at the cultural magazine Poly. This people will participate in the debate: Lucie Dupin, journalist and President of CafeBabel Strasbourg, Vincent Lebrou, political scientist, Nina Pauer, journalist (Die Zeit) and author, Khalil Raihani, consultant and trainer for the Council of Europe and Isesco for youth services, etc., Paul Hoßfeld, photographer and initiator of WARRIORS – GENERATION – EUROPE.

The event will be simultaneously interpreted in French and German and is free and open to the public. We are looking forward to your contribution. Please send us a brief RSVP to

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