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« My generation witnessed the fall of one European border after another, which, in turn, provided us with an invitation to travel, making it easier to set to know our neighbors.

This generation is the first real European generation, which has not yet defined what distinguishes an European identity for itself, but simply lives it.

The blending of the cultures has now become a concrete reality. Now that we can take a comprehensive look at all the countries across Europe, we can see that they are dealing with the same problems and issues as my generation.

This brings forth a feeling of a new solidarity that soars above the old cultures and borders. »

Paul Hossfeld

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We are presenting the portrait of the first genuine European generation – in a photo exhibition, personally in interviews, controversially in debat

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We are one of five selected projects in 2012!

"The Council of EuropeCultural Event” Label recognises a small number of exceptional and innovative artistic projects, which convey strong messages related to the Council of Europe’s mission and values and address key challenges of the European societies of today."